What is your desire, wish or longing?


Kama Wellness LLC was founded in 2018 by integrative psychotherapist, sexuality therapist and educator, and postpartum doula, Amanda N. Ream, LCSW, MSW, MEd. Kama Wellness is an integrative psychotherapy practice, serving adult individuals and relationships in Denver, Colorado.

Kama Wellness aims to provide a healing experience that is inclusive, welcoming, and authentic. Amanda believes that a well-balanced life, includes the space and freedom to hope, to desire, to question, to pursue pleasure, to be curious, to look inward, and to seek what feels most true to oneself.


Relax and connect…

The world is filled with beauty, color, life…so too should our healing spaces. Help yourself to a cup of tea or a glass of water. Sink into the velvet couch and cozy up with the soft blanket. Appreciate the surroundings, unwind, and reflect.