Integrative Approach to Psychotherapy

Every client Amanda works with is assessed and treated from an integrative perspective. Why is this so important to Amanda?

  • Understands first-hand, how the model of medicine in this country can often make it difficult or near impossible to access care that is holistic, personalized, educational, and respectful (especially if you have chronic mental and/or physical health issues)

  • Many of us don’t receive much guidance growing up about the mind-body connection, how to best nourish ourselves, and the intuitive healing potential of the body

    • Our ever-increasingly fast-paced and toxic world can make it even more difficult to slow down and tune-in

  • Every client is unique- their mind, body, experiences

    • For example, one person’s development of depression could be mostly linked to their overuse of antibiotics and poor microbiome/gut health, while another individual’s may be related to their past traumatic experiences and chronic pain condition. Treatment of each individual should not be solely determined by their diagnosis of depression, but rather their unique presentation and needs (emotional, neurobiological, etc.).

It is Amanda’s hope, that her integrative approach to working with all clients will prove empowering, illuminating, and healing.


Education & Empowerment


Lifestyle Modifications

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Time away from stimulation

  • Meditation

  • Nutrition/microbiome support

  • Exercise

  • Time spent in nature

  • Environment

  • Toxin exposure (products we put in/on our bodies, mold, pollution, etc.)


Coordination of Care

  • Coordination of care with other health practitioners (physicians, psychiatry, naturopathy, nutritionists, Chinese medicine, genetic counselors, physical therapists, etc.)

    • Amanda has a growing list of local, trusted providers that she can refer interested clients to

      • Especially for clients taking psychotropic medications and/or have ongoing health issues

  • Supplementation when appropriate (fish oil, vitamin D, CBD, 5-HTP, magnesium, etc.); Amanda cannot diagnosis physical health issues or prescribe prescription medications

    • Consideration of supplements should be discussed with your healthcare provider (physician/NP/PA)